Email Grabber - A powerful email extractor

  • Unlock the Potential of Email Grabber: Your Ultimate Email Extraction Tool

    Email Grabber empowers you to effortlessly extract email addresses from various websites, boosting your outreach and marketing efforts.

  • Rapid Email Extraction at Your Fingertips

    Harnessing the power of multiple simultaneous connections, Email Grabber scans numerous URLs concurrently, ensuring lightning-fast extraction.

  • Easy to get started

    Kickstart your email extraction journey by simply inputting a starting website or relevant keywords through our intuitive Search Wizard. Email Grabber takes it from there, meticulously crawling the web to gather all available email addresses.

  • Stay in Command of Your Email Extraction

    Guide your search using the level filter and URL filters.

    Email Grabber allows you to filter your search by restricting the number levels allowed to search.

    Specify the web sites you want to visit to allow this email scraper to stay on top of your goal or block web sites you don't want it to visit.

  • Effortless Email Search Management

    Keep track of your email extraction progress by saving your search session for future reference.

    Export the collected email addresses in various formats compatible with spreadsheet applications, email clients, or databases.

  • Additional Handy Features

    Consolidate email addresses from multiple local files, eliminating duplicates, and ensuring syntax validation for enhanced accuracy.

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How does Email Grabber work?

Unlocking the Secrets Behind Email Grabber's Efficiency

At first glance, Email Grabber's capabilities might appear magical, but it operates on a simple principle: web navigation in search of email addresses. However, what sets it apart is its remarkable speed, saving users significant time and effort.

Empowering Control and Focus

Email Grabber is equipped with intuitive tools that enable users to steer the software, ensuring a targeted approach to their search objectives.

Discover More About Email Grabber's Features

For a deeper understanding of Email Grabber's functionalities, explore our comprehensive online documentation.