I just purchased the software and I didn't receive my user name and serial number! What can I do?

Unfortunately some email services can block automated email messages such as the one our system sends after each purchase.

First of all, have look in your Spam or Junk folder to see if the message was incorrectly marked as spam.

If you can't find the message please contact our support team. If you can, please provide an alternative email address in case we remain unable to contact you at your original email address.

When I try to start Email Grabber I get an error message saying that the Java Runtime Environment could not be found. How can I solve this?

Email Grabber requires the Java Runtime Environment 1.5 to be installed. The Java Runtime Environment is free software and can be obtained at

When I try to install Email Grabber on Mac OS X I get a message saying that the file is corrupted or that it was blocked. What can I do?

Since Mac OS X Mountain Lion, OS X by default blocks users from installing applications not originating from Apple's app store or not signed with an Apple approved certificate.

You can still install Email Grabber but you will need to change your settings temporarily to allow the installation of software downloaded from the web.

Before trying to run the software, enable the installation of Applications from anywhere by going to: System Preferences –> Security & Privacy –> General tab

If you can't select the option, just click the lock on the bottom left corner to authorize your user. You will need access to an administrator account to make the change.

After you run the software successfully for the first time, you can change the setting back to its original value.