What is Email Grabber?

Email Grabber is an email extractor that allows you automatically extract email addresses from the web.

Email Grabber works by crawling web sites for emails, which basically means navigating automatically through all the links and collecting email addresses it finds along the way.

To achieve this, you can either provide a starting web site or perform a keyword search. If you perform a keyword search, Email Grabber will use the search engine's first result page as the starting URL. You can use the Search Wizard to get you started.

Websites often have many external links connecting them to other web sites. For this reason, if Email Grabber follows every link it finds, it is fairly easy for the software to move away from the original objective.

To prevent this, Email Grabber includes features - such as URL filters or the Level filter - that allow you to guide the software in the right direction, keeping it focused on your objective.

Other features, such as Text Substitution, are included to overcome common obstacles when performing a search.

To be as fast as possible, Email Grabber processes multiple URLs at once. You can control this behavior for each search using the Simultaneous connections setting.

Since searching for email addresses can take some time, you can pause and save your search session at any time. The Open/Save options allow you to pause and resume a search at any time without losing any progress.

It is normal for an email crawler to never finish working. Web sites normally contain thousands of links so it's natural for the software to continuously find new URLs that keep the search going. However, you don't need to wait for it to run out of URLs. As soon as you are satisfied with the results you can pause your search and export the results. You can export the results in a variety of formats.

To help you manage your search and the results, Email Grabber contains a few additional tools.

The Merge Files tool allows you to merge the results from multiple search sessions, removing any duplicates found.

The Debug search tool can be used to test the current Filters and Text Substitution rules against a specific URL, so you can fine tune your settings before starting a search

Be sure to check the documentation index for an overview of the software's features and contact our support team if you have any question not covered by the documentation.